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Humane prison to bring Greenland’s most dangerous criminals home

Settled into the staggering Arctic scene with all encompassing perspectives of shimmering fjords and frigid mountains, Ny Anstalt could without much of a stretch be mixed up for an extravagance ski hold up. In any case, this jazzy complex in Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, is really a jail.

As any spectator can derive, when it opens in 2019 it won’t be an ordinary prison. It will be an “altruistic jail” – a remedial office that stresses restoring culprits through positive outline, instead of discipline.

Examples of the “empathetic jail” reasoning trust that if detainment facilities emulate the states of ordinary life, to the extent is conceivable, guilty parties have a more noteworthy shot of effective reintegration into society, and less possibility of re-insulting.

Ny Anstalt, in any case, is in excess of a compositional achievement for the nation. It would like to end a human rights issue that has frequented the island country for a considerable length of time.

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