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Russia vs. US: Where is life better?

Russian President Vladimir Putin is relied upon to win the March 18 race by a wide edge, however that doesn’t mean Russians are content with the way things are.

Limitations on political opportunities have kept any genuine resistance from running against Putin, and years of financial inconveniences have hit ordinary Russians hard.

Be that as it may, is life in the United States any better? Here’s the way the two nations look at

Americans are fundamentally more joyful than Russians, as indicated by the UN’s World Happiness Report 2018. Taking a gander at pointers, for example, salary, future, opportunity to settle on choices and social help, the US positioned eighteenth of 156 nations, while Russia was 59th.

Be that as it may, that hole is shutting. Another file in the report estimating changes in satisfaction levels in 141 nations demonstrated that Russians ended up more joyful from the period 2008-10 to 2015-17.

The US, nonetheless, was among 72 nations that turned out to be less cheerful in that time. This loss of joy was for the most part due to non-salary factors, including less social help and a diminished feeling of individual opportunities, the report proposes.

Costs are by and large much lower in Russia than in the US, yet Russia compensation are bring down as well. When obtaining power equality – a measure of moderateness – is considered, Americans can purchase more with their bucks than Russians can with their rubles.

Leasing a home and way of life costs, such as going out for supper or purchasing a jug of wine, are substantially more reasonable for Americans. Obviously, there are a few things, for example, getting a taxicab, that are less expensive for Russians.

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