When you can taste Cantonese specials in Mumbai

We have scarcely situated ourselves at JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar’s JW Cafe when Chef Jack Wu and Chef Bruce Li stroll up to us to welcome us. The two cooks from The Westin Guangzhou have flown down uniquely for the Guangzhou Pop-Up Menu including Cantonese specials from the Guangdong area of China, and we can hardly wait to taste the kinds of the Cantonese food.

The food, we comprehend joins fixings, for example, soy sauce, salt, cornstarch, vinegar and sesame oil to a significant degree and steaming and blend fricasseeing are the favored procedures of arrangement. Also, the dishes we find on the smorgasbord table, have all that and that’s just the beginning. In spite of the fact that the Stir-Fry Schezuan Chicken, with its liberal sprinkling of red chillies has delicate bits of chicken, we discover it excessively salty. Then again, Shunde Fish Dumplings in Fish Broth is a fragile dish with a gently enhanced juices and we wind up backpedaling for a moment making a difference. We altogether appreciate the Chicken Hargow and Crystal Veg Dumplings too. The fillings are damp and flavourful and the steamed momos go into disrepair as we dive into them.

Not huge on pork, we attempt the Cantonese Pork in Brown Sauce with some anxiety yet the meat is delicate and succulent and the darker sauce is flawlessly adjusted. The Stir Fry Wild Mushrooms and Tofu Skin is another disclosure, as it plays around with various surfaces of mushrooms.

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