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Can Robert Mueller subpoena Donald Trump? Only the Supreme Court would know for sure

WASHINGTON — The Russia examination may now prompt an inquiry that has activated lawful level headed discussion for over four decades: Can prosecutors subpoena a sitting president to affirm before an excellent jury? The straightforward answer: No one knows without a doubt. While diverse legal counselors take distinctive positions, they say that — if Special […]


US charges nine Iranians in stealing data from hundreds of universities

he programmers are additionally blamed for breaking into the systems of many government associations, for example, the Department of Labor and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and organizations, including law offices and biotechnology enterprises. The Department of Justice said the programmers were associated with an Iranian organization called the Mabna Institute, which prosecutors say contracted since […]


Inside America’s Secret War with ISIS

Since 2013, when ISIS warriors took control of the city, Raqqa has been the most rough place on the planet, a restricted area where medieval disciplines like executing and torturous killing are dispensed in the avenues and sicknesses like polio and dark fever run uncontrolled. As indicated by a current Web post by the main […]


Taibbi: The Legacy of the Iraq War

Individuals were taking a gander at each other out of the sides of their eyes, shrugging, and asking: Can we truly do this without a reason? That was the sensational subtext of the attack. In the press, nobody could truly understand the gathered support for the intrusion. That it was convincing, nobody could deny. For […]